Who We Are Instant Web offers a full bouquet of services to enhance our clients businesses to succeed!

Instant Web combined and developed technologies that disrupt Web Technology. At the heart of this innovation lies the effort of many collective geniuses who help to combine, integrate code the most dynamic and quickest solution to website deployment on the internet. This service re-define how websites will be created and launched from now on and we are now for the first time able to offer it as a service on the go with SIMPLICITY. Within a matter of minutes, you will be able to register a domain, load your preferred software, design your site and make it live. No matter how difficult your solution is.

Disruption happens when an existing industry faces a challenge that offers far greater value to the customer in a way that existing firms cannot compete with directly and for us to be truly disruptive, truly innovative, we had to start with the audience and work backward.

This solution brings it to the masses into the places where masses gather. It is our future.

Our Skills

We are experienced qualified software developers and engineers that know how to plan and develop businesses and websites. We are like a contractor of a building. Without us you would have to look for every person on your own.

What You can Expect from US

We are absolutely in love with the services we provide to our customers, so much so that we use it ourselves. Thus you can expect the same treatment we have for our own to be yours.

We deliver when you ask!

We don't promise, we deliver. You make an appointment with us and in the time we meet, you are serviced immediately what you request from us.

We speak your language

Whether you want to talk in English of in Afrikaans, noma ngesi zulu, au kwa Kiingereza, kapa ka senyesemane, we will do our best to get the person that talks your language to meet with you because we believe that when we speak your language, we are able to understand what you want!
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Why Choose Us

We did all the hard work for you already. We sourced, programmed, integrate and closed some serious partnerships to be able to deliver to you only the best services available and thereby enhanced your chance to succeed with your business irrespective of what kind of business you have.

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Planning is everything

We help you plan, develop and implement the complete spectrum of your business online with the advice of our experience and professional approach to solve problems.

We deploy in no time

We are able to deploy your ideas into actions within a very short period of time. No more waiting, no problem to make changes and definitely no more issues with misunderstand deployments as it happens in real time.

We've got your back all the way

We do backups in real time, we are able to update and upgrade your software to the latest stable version and test it pixel by pixel ensuring that your website is never broken.

The ever growing team

We just started off, but we are growing innumbers and experience. Keep watching this space to see how we are expanding our expertise to make your dreams come true!

Pieter Rubeus
Pieter RubeusSoftware Engineer
Cristal Cooper
Cristal CooperBilling Expert and Accounting
Martin Venter
Martin VenterAttorney and Secretary
Paul Peens
Paul PeensDirector: Chief Operations Officer

Our passion for SIMPLICITY

You probably already experienced how hard it is to find affordable, qualified, experience business planners, developers or marketing gurus to assist you in deploying a business effectively. 

Our solution solve this problem effectively. It is simplistic, fast, easy to use for both you and our employees. It enable us to deploy a wide range of services quickly and effectively. We provide instant provisioning of company registrations, domains (including Africa domains), hosting, web builder tools, marketing, seo and affordable, fast and reliable internet and telecommunication services that solves a lot of business issues immediately.

And all of this in a matter of minutes & not days.